All the customers who have created the home of their dreams using the “Made in Meda” solution by BertO have one thing in common: ATTENTION TO DETAIL.

People often believe – quite wrongly – that successfully renovating or redecorating their house hinges on a great sofa, the position of the table, or perhaps a specific bed, and they forget about the bigger picture.

Clients who entrust their project to BertO have come to the realisation that interior design does not simply “come together” as if by magic.

In fact, every customer who chooses to work with BertO to create their “Dream Design” has embraced a comprehensive detail-oriented approach, relying on an interior designer who collaborates with an architect to refine every single detail FROM THE VERY BEGINNING: from the use of light to the room dimensions; from the family’s physical needs to their emotional desires, which should be accommodated throughout the home; and from the design of individual pieces to the ideal colour and fabric combinations.

Each step of the project is part of the bigger picture and cannot be neglected if you really want to create the house of your dreams.

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Our customers’ houses made with the “Made in Meda” recipe by BertO

BARI | Private Villa

PUGLIA | House of Music

MILANO | Private Loft

MILANO | Private Residence